I Am (Poem #10)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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I am ...

I Am (Poem #10)

I am a creator,

I believe in things that aren't real,

I make my own life,

I create my own character's,

I sing my own melodies.

I am a lover,

I give people my all,

I make sure everyone feels accepted,

I share my full love with everyone,

I cry with my own heart.

I am a fighter,

I stand up for the people I love,

I cry for the people I care for,

I stay with the people that need me the most,

I carry them on my shoulders.

I am a writer,

I recreate reality to what I wish it to be,

I write my own stories and twist them,

I am erotic,

I have a dark mindset.

I am a human,

I make mistakes,

I get the blame put on me,

I know I can be fucked up,

I can't do many things without messing up.

I am pained,

I cry almost daily,

I think of all the little things,

I know of my past and how alarming it can be,

I believe I can't be accepted.

I am me,

I am a simple girl,

I am an author,

I am an inventor,

I am a loyal fighter for love,

I am Falon Marie Sage Price.

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