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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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Would you take me home?

Home (Poem #5)

If you hold a gun to my head,

If you help yourself and walk away,

That rolls the gold nowhere.

My darkest thoughts are cured,

My irrational fears are gone,

You just have to catch me before I fall.

If I lost control completely,

Would you be there for me?

If I wasn't able to hold myself high for much longer,

Would you help me the way you should?

If I felt haunted,

Would time make it heal?

Would you take me home?

Anger, Love, Confusion,

Those are the ABC's of me,

I am consumed by what you have done to me,

I am hurt by what you have caused,

I know I could be somewhere better but I am lost,

What can you cure this with?

If I wasn't able to love the way I should,

Would you take the wheel?

If I couldn't tell you how I felt with words,

Would you be able to understand me?

If I was falling to pieces,

Could you take care of a broken soul?

Would you take me home?

We're getting nowhere,

You never try to understand me,

And as hard as I try, I can never understand you,

The gold rolls nowhere once again.

Wrapped up, so pained by what you've done,

I don't know where to start.

But If I wasn't able to save myself,

Would you take me home?

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