Fuck It (Poem #21)
            Fuck It (Poem #21) poetry stories

falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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Fuck it.

Fuck It (Poem #21)

I don't feel the same,

Everything within me has changed,

I don't even go by my own name.

I rode with you,

But even you let me down,

Is this what you meant to do?

I'm no longer that innocent sweet girl,

Fuck it,

I'll send you in one hell of a whirl,

Now I wake up in the morning,

Tears falling down my face,

And I am constantly mourning.

Bring your friends,

See how far that gets you,

If you think it'll make amends.

I am now no longer myself,

Fuck it,

I am going to create my own wealth.

What do I have to say?

That I still love you?

That I need your way so I won't stray?

Life's as sweet as honey,

Without you here,

I can make the money.

I don't need bitches anymore,

Fuck it,

I will make my own goddamn tour.

When you see me glowing,

Don't try to come back to me,

Just know life is flowing and going.

Fuck it,

What else can I say?

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