Friends (Poem #4)
             Friends (Poem #4) poetry stories

falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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I have no friends ...

Friends (Poem #4)

My wounds go deeper than your scars,

My thoughts go deeper than your voice,

My words go deeper than your mind,

My actions do deeper than your choices.

I used to think we were everything,

We were always together,

We were always teasing one another,

And now you're just gone.

I have no friends,

At least, not like I used to,

After I lost you,

People started to say that I tried too hard.

My wounds are because of you,

They are always burning me intently,

And the sensations never stop.

My thoughts are because of you,

They never restrain in the moment,

And the aggression they conflict is always there.

My words are because of you,

Always leaving my mouth when I don't mean them to,

And they always seem to take a hold of me.

My actions are because of you,

I act out impulsively now,

And I can never control anything of mine anymore.

I have no friends,

And I am at that point to where I don't care,

You ruined everything,

Because you couldn't keep your hands to yourself.

I am proud to be me,

And I hope you are proud of being you,

But you deserve so much pain,

And I hope that comes to you.

Because nobody believes what I went through.

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