Away (Poem #27)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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They takin' me away ...

Away (Poem #27)

Yeah, I'm back, and better than ever,

Beat some ass? It's my pleasure,

Gimme a knife? I'ma sever,

I'm as pissed as ever.

That they keep doing this over,

Tryna take me away.

An' cause me all the pain,

Like gettin' hit by a train,

But it's so hard to have joy when being held by chains,

Hard to laugh with all the pain,

No happiness with all the rain,

An' mental abuse to my brain.

They takin' me away,

Man, they takin' me away,

Maybe I'll come back one day.

In a world of grey,

Man, they takin' me away,

Man, whatcha gonna say?

Cause they takin' me away,

You can save me today,

Or they'll take me away,

Ion wanna be here cause I'm afraid,

Brotha they takin' me away.

I ain't tryna play

But they takin' me away,

Please do something, to save me today.

They takin' me away

Brother, you are the only way, out.

Damn, this is a prison.

Been a week, I already miss em',

They keep talkin' but I don't listen,

Feels like it's an interrogation,

They wantin' me to praise them,

Cause they ain't acceptin',

That this is their daughter,

Not caring about her sin,

But if they don't catch me, Then it'll be my past,

It's my centerpiece like a ship's mast.

I tried runnin', but it's too damn fast,

Man the past has me gassed,

Can't even remember what happened last,

Cause it's so fuckin vast,

But the past is the past.

Ain't ever going back,

Not even for the pack,

But they always talkin' smack,

Always on my back,

I'll wreck 'em like my Pontiac,

Took a phone back,

And smashed one in half.

Was here like a sittin' duck,

But guess it's my luck,

That I fucking suck,

Beat around like a hockey puck,

Like What The Fuck!!!


You are the only way out,

They blockin' my airway,

Every day's like D-Day,

Cause they takin' me away.

Guess I'm day-to-day,

For the holidays,

And Christmas Day,

Cause they took me away,

On a fucking Friday,

Cause in my house I'm a castaway.

But it's Judgement day,

So they takin' me away,

Just wanna run away,

But it's never the right time of day,

Just save me without delay,

Or they'll kill me this day.

An' again take me away,

Oh, Take me away,

Save me before they take me away,

You are the only way,

I don't wanna go today,

I wanna stay home,

But they're taking me away,

Want you to Hold On,

Cause I'm Here to Stay.

Everywhere's Shattered Glass,

Writing 6Three19,

I might just collapse,

Cause I feel I'm descending.

But what's it matter if they takin me away,

Can't do nothin less you save me today,

But I already told you, you the only way,

You the only way.

They takin' me away,

Brothers, can you hear me?

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