Alone (Poem #13)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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I sit all alone in this box of a world ...

Alone (Poem #13)

I sit all alone in this box of a world,

Trying to contemplate all of my trouble that I feel:

Love, hate, envy, pride, insecurity.

My love is deeper than the ocean,

I am able to love others before myself,

And I give them my all.

My hate is more alluring than common dislikes,

However, I never show when I hate you,

I try to have enough decency to keep it to myself.

My envy is for all those who hurt me,

I envy them in so many ways but not for what they have,

I envy that they can live with themselves when they hurt people.

My pride is too much,

I get too cocky and that ruins things,

Just like my relationships.

My insecurities are louder than everything else,

I can never hold my head high,

I am always self conscious.

I sit alone in this box of a world,

Trying to figure out my next move,

Will I go left or will I go right?

I take the road less traveled,

Trying to get out of this worldly box,

I just want to be set free from my shackles.

My box will be broken,

I will be set free,

I will conquer this world once again.

My shackles will be dropped,

My confidence will be loud,

My emotions will be stable.

This worldly box cannot hold me any longer,

I will be free, I will be me.

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