The Journal of Jack
The Journal of Jack fallout stories

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Follow the adventures of these two friends and their cat in their adventure through the Nuclear Apocalypse and find out if they survive or thrive.............

The Journal of Jack

Before the nukes have dropped upon America at 6 am. (Chapter One)

I wake up early from the bright sun shining through the window. I started making a prank for my long time best friend, Jacob. Jacob always pranks me so I am now going to prank him...

I get a gallon bucket, fill it up with ice and water and go to his room. I then throw the ice cold water on him and screamed really loud with a bit of a cackle I must add, it was quite funny.

He jumps up so fast I thought he might spring into the ceiling and he runs to the bathroom.

I start laughing as I follow him to the bathroom slowly Jacob turns around confused and mumbles something along the lines of "You jerk," so I look back at him and shout "Sweet revenge is mine!

" I laughed at him for a bit. Codsworth yells us to the Living room. He says to check the news so we do so confused. The newsman looked very serious with a stern look.

"There have been explosion all across America, starting in New York then in Washington, wait what aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!-" beeeeeeeeepppp... Then a someone started knocking at the door then.

I look at Jacob concerned then walk to the door and open it slowly. It was the robco representative.

"You Jack and Jacob are one of the selected few to enter vault 111 and it can only support up to 300 individuals including scientists so you better hurry to the vault" I look him in the eyes

and say "Ok thank you sir." A minute later we hear very loud sirens. I run for our cat and grab her and signal Jacob to run to the vault.

I swing open the front door and start running down the street with Jacob. Panic everywhere. Army everywhere, helicopters flying past from above at high speeds.

Civilians running, packing their cars, crying... We turn right to the bridge that arches over the little river and run up to the chain link fence that guards us from the vault.

Jacob and I push past the other civilians and get greeted by the soldier at the gate to the vault. I stop panting holding on to our cat and look at Jacob with sirens blaring.

And I then look up at the soldier and say "We need in, Jacob and Jack!" The soldier searches the list frantically then nods and says quickly "Two male, one pet, GO!

" We sprint for the vault entrance platform and jump into the center elevator and wait to be lowered into the vault.

We look towards our neighborhood, our home, and see a big blast behind it near the city.

"Send them down, NOW!

" The elevator starts to descend slowly into the depths and we see the blast wave shoot across the landscape,

through our neighborhood and straight over our heads just as we get below the surface level.

As we descend to the vault we see the entrance in the dim light that is slowly getting brighter as we descend.

The entrance has a set of stairs leading up to a big circular hole in the wall being the entrance that will be sealed upon our entry into the vault.

We are led up the steps and into the vault door and across the short metal bridge to a table with a scientist handing out vault 111 uniforms,

we wait in line for a few seconds then are handed our uniforms. We are led through a hallway and take a door to the left into the generator room and are shown around.

We then exit out the way we came and continue down the hallway until we reach a large room with these weird pods.

"These are cryogenic pods, they will put you into a sustained cryo sleep for quite a while, we will be here to sustain the vault while you are gone, we will wake you when the new world is safe".

We all nod in agreement and put on our vault suits and go to our assigned pods, Jacobs pod is across the walkway in front of mine,

I walk cautiously and the pod door opens upward and I enter slowly lying upward with my cat in my left hand and the door shuts promptly I look through the glass window towards Jacob and wave

he give me a thumbs up and I nod the window starts to freeze and crystallize and I sleep...

215 years later (chapter 2)

I get awoken violently and I'm freezing cold. The ice on the window slowly recedes from the center to the edges of the window and my pod opens slowly and the cold streams out of the pod.

I fall slowly to the ground on my hands and knees dropping the cat and see my friend do the same.

I look around to take in the surroundings once again, same vault but no one else is around and only our pods opened, strange.

I look back to Jacob and he's shaking his head slowly, he looks up "dude?" I answer back "Yeah I know, no one else is up" "Where is everyone else though?

The scientists that are supposed to care for us? What year is it?". I shake my head "One problem at a time Jacob...

" I pick up the cat who has just woke up and stumble towards the hallway motioning for Jacob to follow. I look back at him, he shakes his head slowly, clearly confused and has nothing to say.

We reach the door that leads to the entrance and it doesn't open, Strange?

I look to Jacob "Uh I don't know" Jacob looks around then points to a door behind us to the right "This might lead somewhere?" I follow Jacob towards the door and it opens in front of us.

We are greeted by two large generators taller then the two of us and even wider. Electricity flying here and there throughout the room almost hitting us.

A giant bug lies on the floor, no a roach wait what? Me and Jacob stare at each other and go around the generators to the other side of the room, up some stairs and through a new door.

The new door leads us to a desk and to the upon the desk lies a gun, a 10mm pistol I believe. A few ammo boxes lie on the desk beside it.

I take the gun and the ammo for I have gun training and Jacob does not. To the right is an opened armory, the contents within lie on a shelf, 10mm pistol and even more ammo.

I toss the gun to Jacob and notice a blue and metallic item locked in a case upon the wall. I look at Jacob for a moment and we turn and head to the next door that leads to the exit.

When we enter the next room the vault door is wide open, strange. We both stare confused, I blink then look to Jacob and walk to the elevator that leads to the surface he soon follows behind me.

I place our cat down, Mittens and walk to the elevator the two following behind me, the three of us step upon the platform and it rises to the surface and everything turns to black...

We emerge from the darkness to blinding brightness, blinking my eyes to adjust. I see complete devastation...

The plants dead or dying all upon the ground, burn marks everywhere, many parts of the fence gone, leaning or completely collapsed.

I look to where Jacob and I were greeted at the gate of the fence. I walk towards the gate and Jacob follows with our cat. We then walk down the path leading to the bridge to our neighborhood.

Part of the bridge is destroyed and has fallen into the stream below.

The water below the bridge is discolored a bit and does not look quite right almost as if it was stained by chemicals and does not smell quite right either.

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