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falloutwriter3 I write crappy poems and I am 17.
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Hello there,

My name is Justin.

And I am 16, soon to be 17 years old.

At the moment I am in 11th grade and enjoy all of my classes.

The classes I have at the moment are: English III, US History, Physical Science and well Football.

I have a great interest in writing fictional novels and poems but don't have much motivation to do so.

My goal here is to please all who read my work.

I also love making games in the website called scratch and have more of a drive to do so even though I do not get any likes and barely any views.

It must be the progress in putting hours of work into something for my own approval.

I know this may not suit a Football player or a guy in High School but I enjoy anime.

I will not indulge much on that subject for I do not think it would be quite enjoyable for you readers.

But I thank you for reading, and wish you a fare day.

Merci, glacias, thank you. Much love, Fallboy.

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