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falling_angel I'm on and off but still in use
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I haven't posted in sometime. Some may see my name and go Oh i remember her sad stories or you'll go, "Seems like she has a lot of issues" but either way im back because this is how i go through my emotions lol <3

Somebody with words

A gash.

Something people deem me to get over with within a week

Whilst i try to forget my past,

One glance down sends shame so i fall and cower.

Though getting up is easy when I remember my past is meaningless to anybody outside of it.

I can be depressed but it wont matter because it was long ago and nobody could help then.

So who am i to complain.

Somebody has gone through worst right...

Everybody else seems to still walk straight so why cant i...

Then again why can't I just be me, without a past.

A nobody with no words...

Denying my hearts emotions when my brain is screaming for help.

I'm somebody with some words...

I cant pretend like life's amazing like the rest of you.

How can i act like everything's ok when mothers let their kids get raped and men let opinions start wars

Be as it may everybody gets scars...

Therefor this world creates people with gashes and bruises all over.

Some like me who wont hinder you with their troubles.

So they cry in a pillow and tell their pencil.

Its unhealthy??


Who cares?

Because theirs still rape, murder, corruption, and things 'way worst than what you've gone through' right?

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