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Opinion nation

Our world is made up of opinions.

I think I'm ugly my bf thinks I'm beautiful.

Some people like me some people don't.

What is good and what is bad?

That is told by the biggest majority.

Like who wanted trump or who wanted Hilary.

So when you think of it, everything you do is a lie.

Every mental patient knows this too.

They know the world is an opinion.

But you only know this in the back of your head.

Rebelion, movements, dissobediance, resistance.

Those words are all fake.

The only thing you know is how to live in this lie and be "Good" or "Bad"

So I am changing myself.

I'm going to become my own person in another lie.

But in a lie, that knows the truth.

Opinion Nation.

That's my world.

My religion.

My sanity.

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