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by help

*Gasps for air* "Oh my god, that's the worst dream i've ever had!"

I get up and walk to my kitchen where my mom cooks the eggs and my dad is setting the table. My brother sits in his high chair giggling and clapping his hands. "gum moning sissy"

I smile, i'm glad my family's together the the world is calm again. Everything is just as perfect as I left it.

"You look sweaty honey, did you have a bad dream?" my mom takes a towel and dabs my forehead.

"Yea i'm fine, I had a really bad dream. It was horrible and i'm just so glad your back." I smile.

"Come sit and tell us all about it"

I walk over to the table and sit down. "It started with you and dad arguing and splitting up, then mom took my brother away, and dad put me in foster..." My face said it all. My eyes welled up.

"And then I got beat by my new parents and sold off into a sex slave trade and over time I began to be a drunkie and smoked a lot. It was horrible." I almost shed my tears but I knew it was fake.

"There was wars and guys named hitler and something called the KKK... I was so angry at the world that I killed myself and then I woke up. I'm just so glad it was a dream.

My mother smiled and said, "I had a similar dream when I was your age, everyone does. Our scientist like to call it our imaginary parallel universe."

"But we all know that's just silly dreams"

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