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falling_angel I'm on and off but still in use
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Sorry I don't post much. I just needed to write...

My Map of a Head

I am a loquacious person.

Yet somehow my words aren't always what they mean.

My darkest lines usually flourish in ink.


I didn't mean to not tell you how I feel.

Those words make me cry.

I can't explain it but my hands get sweaty, my throat becomes dry, pressure and water fills behind my eyelids, and I can't breathe...

I'm so sorry,

I trust you the most yet I can't express it.

Just dont leave.

I plan to tell you every word,

Just be patient.

I know I'm such a hypocrite,

I can't help it.

But ill never give up on you so please dont give up on me.

I love you.

My heads a map,

Find the treasure with me.

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