I love him
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Just wrote what I felt :)

I love him

Relationships dont just happen, they take work.

And I am willing to dedicate my life to this work, for the rest of my life.


I am in love with him.

Not just because of his looks.

I fell for him because we are best friends.

We created a bond simply over internet space, and it lead to much more.

Since the first day, I knew me and him had a connection; I just didn't know what kind.

But now I know.

There is not a second we are together I can keep my eyes off him.

Not even a thought can be processed in my head without knowing he's going to be ok with it.

I fell in love with him because of the way he smiles; He has the most perfect teeth ever.

The way his lips move when he talks...

How he's always trying to make me smile when I dont feel like I can.

I fell in love with all of him, not just because of little things.

Because everything.

He replaced all my tears with his voice.

- A lit candle

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