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A crazed woman...


by help

I lost her quiet a bit ago. She was very dear to me. Brings me to tears every time I think about it. It's like a reoccurring nightmare that makes you want to kill yourself.

One moment we are together the next she is gone. Almost in a flash. Soon as it happened my heart stood still and tears blinked out of nowhere. After it happened my body shook as I ran.

I ran what felt like forever. Time could wait for all I cared. At that moment all I could think was, 'Its all my fault...'. How could I let this happen.

How could I let the most precious beloved dog of my life slip from my grip. How could I let her fall from my arms to death. Death has taken too many people. If death wants people, so be it.

I'll give it people. I'll sacrifice myself right now. I'm not afraid anymore. My dogs not going anywhere with out me....

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