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Circle of death

The innocence in which they stood for… Destroyed so horridly and effortlessly.

Shivers and bloody tears seep down their body. Falling slowly into the obscure.

But who is gonna care? -A

Their words stabbing at the throat of existence. Each one ripping apart the innocence that is held within.

Deeper and deeper the knife goes in and with each syllable the knife twists.

But who is going to care? -T

The darkness spreads quickly to the heart, Changing everything as they knew it.

As now they only see flaws and destruction to come.

But who is gonna care? -A

What is left no one wants to see. An evil that has been spawned ready to be released.

After all the years of blood churning venom from their unholy lips.

Now would they care? -T

Cowards, Look away as darkness spreads.

Still barely glancing as the backlash hits them.

When will they care? -A

Now darkness falls upon them with a mighty wrath. The bullet of destiny aimed right at the crotch.

A scrotum for a trophy while squirting life’s essence.

Now do they care? -T

Vengeance seeks their screaming pain. Knifes of retribution lining their intestines.

Blood oozing their solace.

I wonder if they care? -A

Shrieks of torture are met with a hellish grin. Every strike of the knuckles leaves its mark of vengeance.

One bruise for every insult that sliced so deep. Now bloodsoaked hands reach in to tear their hearts apart.

Their flesh is now owned by their own creation.

Do they think the monster cares? -T

“Ringing bells chime the air”, they gobble out their bloody mouths. Brutal kicking, broken bones, monsters are used to this right?

Dying slowly from bones ripping and stabbing their organs. The monsters will try to hug the ground but no,

The victims won't let that stand. They will grab the monster by its hair,

Placing the edge of a sidewalk between their teeth. And with one foot they stomp out the demon who haunted them.

Do you think the monster ever cared? -A

(The End) Authors Note ------->

Author's Note: This story is about victims getting their hurt out in a very angry manner. They are taking it out on the monster/s who hurt them. - Creators: @H3LP @Poemsaboutlife

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