California Dreamin
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California Dreamin

by help

Little children in other states: "California is a place to get discovered and be happy"

"In California, your dreams come true"

"Everybody in California is living their dreams"

"In California you can get rich and famous"

"When I grow up i'm moving to california and i'm going to live on a beach, and i'm gonna have a bunch of friends with me, and i'm going to be rich, and i'm going to be famous, i'm going to be..."

Californians: "I'm sorry but California isn't like that at all."

"Our state has a bunch of bad people and things in it as well"

"There are people getting raped, people getting slaughtered, even people like you.."

"People that think the other side is greener, Well it's not"

Little children in other states:"When I grow up i'm going to be a therapist"

"I'm going to help those people that need it so that our world can be better soon"

That's the real world

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