Yet another fact.
Yet another fact.  humor stories

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Another fact again

Yet another fact.

By FallenShadow

Hey, Back again.

This is just a fact that tells you how much of a pain in the ass I am.

So the story goes, I was three years old. We had just sat down in a fancy restaurant, and it was me, my father, and my mother. We were served our food, and shortly afterwards, an African-American woman walks in.

She was wearing a skintight midthigh, skimpy, leopard print dress.

You know what three year old me does, in the middle of this restaurant?

I yell at the top of my lungs, pointing at her, "look daddy! Dirty hoe!"

Needless to say, she took offense. She got the manager and asked him to kick us out. The manager's response? "Look, they already got served their meal. Besides, I doubt that kid even knows what that means." The manager looks her up and down. "And if He does, I'd think he hit that nail on the head." The lady huffed and walked out.

I was an evil child.

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