Weird fact about me
Weird fact about me youfiguremeoutyet? stories

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Wanna learn something really fascinating?

Weird fact about me

By Tyler.

I know the rest of these have been some interesting confessions, but perhaps this will truly tell you why I'm so strange.

The truth is... I shouldn't have been born.

Not as in I hate myself I shouldn't have,

But as in honest statistical odds.

My mom was on not one but two types of birth control, and m dad was wearing spermicidal condoms.

Physically, I shouldn't be here.

The actual statistical odds of m being born were less than half a percent. Literally.

You want to know the odds?

The odds are, 0.0089%. Less than a quarter of a percent.

I am a living miracle. I shouldn't be gere by any math. Yet I am.

I am that figure. 99.9%? I'm the reason that it's .9% not 100%

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