Wandering Thoughts
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Wandering thoughts in the dark of night.

Wandering Thoughts

In the dark of night I wonder,

I sit and think and ponder,

Is this life as good as it should be?

Am I living my life just to see?

In love but lost,

Are my failings on my chest embossed?

The scent of animals carries to my outfit,

Causing me grief within my life.

Why is it that the pets I care for bring me strife?

The scent of cats is imprinted upon me.

And the stamp of loser is slammed unto me.

Those I care for don't judge me by my cover.

They read within my pages.

They know me as a friend,

They see the battle within me that rages.

The days travel by,

My friends drop like flies.

Some found love and others died,

Leaving my mind and emotions fried.

But there are parts of me wondering if I should have cried.

I lost those near and dear,

And was surrounded by my fear.

But I fell in love.

I chose to be more than a simple fly upon the wall.

But all that goes up must fall.

Love does not fade over time,

But neither do the things you've done, your crimes.

But to atone for your crimes, to forgive your sins,

You protect the lives that are worn thin.

Save their lives and you save yours too,

Else there be a world of loss you rue.

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