Ty by any other name is just as sweet
Ty by any other name is just as sweet fear stories

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A piece of emotion for a person who is more to me than anyone else could be.

Ty by any other name is just as sweet

Huh, guess after a bad night, then a good night, a smoke, and a smile, love and emotion show through. Perhaps the walls need to come down. Perhaps I need to just open up and show the world who I am inside.

Emotions flow through a hole in my armor, Showing me that as cruel as I am, that isn't me. The child inside shows his hand, the soft carress of love strokes softly across your picture. I know as much as you do about this. I'm not who I thought I am without my armor, barbs absent, I'm a good man. Well, boy in the state's eyes.

But so much more in yours. You say that I'm extraordinary. You say I'm sweet. I'll admit it. It's true. I'm softhearted. Kind. I aim to heal and never hurt. But it's hard to heal when you've been hurt, so to balance me, you heal where I hurt so I can heal where others hurt. But perhaps that was a truth you didn't want me to blurt.

You seem to fear the attachment as I do. Fear of love without physical presence. Or maybe you fear yourself. As we all do. We fear who we are is not who we need to be. We don masks to please that fact. But perhaps dear, we need to look far beyond that. They call me mean and moody, but you know I'm so much more. You say you are are not the best version of you, but to me you are, and more.

Because although we dream seperately, we come together with ease. But the words I wish to say to you are not what you would ever say. Because open as you are with me, you still have guarded parts I see.

Because my dear, you seem to fear what you mean to me, or perhaps you fear what I could mean to you if you allow it to be. I could still write for hours, ask you for days and say please, but unless I was there to breathe the same air, would you ever believe, that for a second, you could ever let the words I have asked for come through.

Because all the others who are there for each other say those three words are true, but I do not care, and I'd probably stop breathing air should I ever hear them from you.

But for now, I'll sit and say ow, because emotions do hurt. But one day I hope that those words do stay true, tis a dream I do dream still today... But should they not, well my feelings will probably rot away, until they're no more and I'll start the search once more, to find the true love that I crave.

Because Although I'm alone, I would like to atone for treating others just one way, I'll stand and I'll shout, let my emotions come out, and let no fear stand in my way. Because I do fear, that it fades year by year, true love is falling away.

So I'll run all about if you still push me out should I stand before you one day. But for now I will be true, and say this to you that I still do love you today, but you have no need to fear, because although I say it clear, it will not change the way I behave.

Well perhaps that's not true, I may be more sweet to you, but it's a smile that I hope to put on your face. So I'll say it once more, and many times more, should you accept it one day, but I cannot force you to feel one certain way, but I truly do hope, that those are words I hear from you one day.

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