To All the Ones Whom I Have Loved.
To All the Ones Whom I Have Loved. love stories

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Thank you all for your time.

To All the Ones Whom I Have Loved.

To the two who passed away. I'm sorry.

Willow... I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me. I'm sorry I ever left you alone.

Meredith... I wish I would have known you liked me as much as you did. I never got to tell you how I felt.

To the girl who took up a year and a half of my time, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I couldn't be your knight in shining armor. I can't save you from yourself.

To the girl who hurt my cousin with her words, Why did you do it?

You were always so cruel to everyone but me, why? Because I could see past your flaws?

I almost regret my time spent on you, but I hope my love was not misplaced. I you can find the good I saw in you.

To the girl that I left behind, I'm sorry for leaving, but I'm glad you could still find happiness and closure.

You were always a good friend and I hope happiness lasts for you.

To the girl I gave my ring to. Fuck you. I love you in some part of me, but you never took my side.

How dare you so easily throw away the promise I made you. I thought you were better than that.

And finally...

To the one who I've learned so much from. The one who never left.

You taught me about how I can truly find a relationship with someone where romance isn't needed.

Sometimes there's a platonic love that you can have. It can lead to someone being one of the best friends you will ever make.

You'll never be the one who got away. I let you walk away because you needed to. Sometimes fantasies are better left as dreams.

Signed (Somewhat) Affectionately, The boy who likes to say "I love you" in the silence between breaths

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