The Shadow's Lament
The Shadow's Lament dark stories
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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I was a shadow in the corner, always seen, always feared, always forgotten.

The Shadow's Lament

Alone I stand,

In this barren land, 

Seen I am not,

so I stand here and rot,

and all that is left behind,

Is this darkness that's too easy to find,

destruction gathers to my will,

into the streets it begins to spill,

I am the shadow,

I have no heart, 

Give me hope,

don't let me fall apart,

I feel alone,

in this hell  I've known, 

But my love is not lost,

But you know not the cost,

Every day my hate grows hot,

please prove to me,

that a monster I am not.

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