Sunlight Smile Eclipse
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For her. The one.

Sunlight Smile Eclipse

I step into the room and my world brightens, if only for a moment.

Her smile is a ray. A beam of light to lighten my day.

Her glasses sit crookedly on her face as she laughs. But the laugh never reaches her eyes.

She can't take this life and it's hardships like I.

I don't ever know how to make her smile reach her eyes again, but there is too much she has lost.

I pick up her pieces and spend my nights with her glueing them back together. She isn't broken though.

She's just falling apart because she only got a couple people close to her heart.

I pride myself on being one, to be in such an amazing woman's life.

But goddamnit if I will just sit idly by while the world plagues her with strife.

I'm always here for her and she expresses how she's such a mess.

I beg to differ my dear, but remember even a splatter on a platter.... Is art.

Your more put together than you know and stronger than me as a whole.

So Mon Cher, don't fall to pieces. Fall to beauty and art. Because that's all that you are. An artfully made person.

I being with a smile like no other. A kiss that brings life, and a love I desire till death.

So don't worry, you're not breaking. You're drowning in your own mind.

So remember if you ever need a breath... Take one of mine.

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