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The truth is that we have the audacity to think we matter among stars tht have been around and will be around longer than we exist.


Have you ever stared up and wondered where we are?

Have you ever compared yourself to a star?

Have you spent nights alone writing to atone?

To atone for believing your existence is set in stone?

What do you know of the universe?

How many can say they can fill a tub of facts in which to immerse?


It's a fact that's not fun.

We're so small among the stars.

You thought we had big cars?

Well we don't.

They're dots among the cosmos.

We're specks among the stars.

We can only look up and wonder how far,

Far we can go among the vast unknown.

Until we ponder our existence entirely,

Because then where would we be?

A world full of thinkers?

Or a world full of foolish blinkers?

Staring into the sky,

Wondering why,

Being a fool,

When among the stars you're a tool.

On the side of a galaxy,

Our planet sits quietly.

Rotating, revolving. Dying.

Because we're making this planet start frying.

The heat rises, crisping us up,

You want water? The heat will empty your cup,

We'll fry at this rate,

And we'll all die at a later date.

So if you're there at the final moments,

Holding on,

Let go.

Let us fall like snow.

We're foolish to believe we matter among rocks larger than you've seen,

So worry not about the paint on your car's sheen,

Because for a bird, a seed is gone in a peck,

And when flung among stars you're just a speck.

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