Silver Tongued Trickster
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The Quick tongued man who can lie with ease is feared, but sometimes lies are what we need to hear.

Silver Tongued Trickster

They called him the silver tongued trickster, for his words could spin a story and charm.

They knew him as the heart breaking trickster, because his honey sweet words brought harm.

He was called the mister of mischief, for he would lie if it got him his wants.

You can call him the clever tongued trickster, for with words he can be a savant.

But he knows that he's played many parts.

He knows the people he's met and how he's broken their hearts.

But his clever fast tongue still cannot stop, because he knows nothing else than to lie.

Because he's gotten good at telling tall tales, and he will do so until he does die.

The silver tongued trickster is many a man, but god has he been me tonight.

And truth to be told we get along well, so I let him speak and don't fight.

You can tell me I'm wrong that I can't live in this way, but I would say that I can.

Because I've seen the truth and if I'm honest, it's made me turn tail and I ran.

I cannot feel remorse for his lies, for the lines are fading away.

And as the hours pass, we're becoming one day by day.

His lies are my own and my lies are his, I do not hold any regret.

The only thing that irks me now is that there were things I could not get.

But life goes on, and there are more stories to tell, so we must move forward a step.

And continue on forward, deciding some stories need truth to be told. So I'll try to cease with the lies.

But it's not my fault if the truth hurts and everybody cries.

So pardon me if you encounter me, I am enigma of truth and lies.

And you'll likely want to hear a whole story, which you'll find behind the lies.

But once you hear it all, I dare you, to look this silver tongued trickster in the eyes.

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