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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A poem on pain.

Sharp words

They tell you sticks and stones can hurt you,

But I don't feel the pain of those anymore,

I feel numb and and the emptiness ensues,

They say that words aren't barbs they threw,

You rip my skin open,

It may not be your blade,

But your words are why I'm broken,

Your fists and kicks made me sick,

But your words pierce to my soul,

It hurts inside you goddamn prick,

But I'm still no longer whole,

I saw color in the world once,

But gray is all I now see,

In your world I'm one of the runts,

Because children are weak,

And so very meek,

Your hands have a punching bag,

You never noticed nor cared about how my shoulders sag,

Because all that matters now,

Is how hard you can hit me again.

You make me question how,

How I live on,

You caused the cuts lining my arms,

My wrists weep my tears from my bloodstream,

My pain is what I feel,

And though I bleed,

I lay here, yeah, the risk of death is real.

But I can't heal like I need,

Because though my cuts heal,

And bruises fade away,

My scars will always haunt me,

Into every following day.

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