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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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Jusy leave me behind. Never look back.


I release you. From everything. You'll probably only see the passing comment from me here and there.

But don't worry. I'm not really disappearing, I've gone nowhere.

I just release you from our friendship. From my life in entirety. I will no longer seek you.

I just realized that I need to let go and move on as I watched the morning dew.

And I'm beginning that process by letting go of you. I realize I'm an idiot, and an insufferable fool.

And I realize that I've held you too close for too long. I shouldn't be a part of your future, I should stay in the past.

You can chalk up my fading memory to just a thing that didn't last.

Do not fear my passing from your life in any way. After all, I know I can be forgotten in a day.

I hope you find your happiness, and love yourself as much as you taught me to love myself.

And I hope your future is bright, that the days ahead fill you with joy.

But as of now I release you. From this friendship and my presence. Leave behind this stupid boy.

I'm not worth your time, so leave me in the past. Nothing I do will make this last.

So I beg of you, forget me fast, As I'm just a member of your life's supporting cast.

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