Poisoned Breath
Poisoned Breath love stories

fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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When the one you loved hides their venom.

Poisoned Breath

With breath filled with venom, you spit your words of disdain at my friends.

You stopped urging me to be better and demanded it.

Your "Love" Felt like a lie, as my love ran away.

You lied when you told me I'm better, you just wanted a hero to put you together.

Because you were oh so broken, and I needed to be Isolated to fix you.

But I have fallen towards the spotlight, I will assume my true role. As a star actor in my story, I will not be alone.

You can't push me to fix what is normal, for I'm just a conglomeration of parts.

Of every human I've encountered, and all I'm yet to meet.

Sure I wear a mask when interacting with others. That's how I've survived since I was a child.

You don't need me for love, you just want a hero of your own. I'm not that man any longer. You are not my heart's home.

I asked you to breath life into me once, because I thought you were better than you are.

So now, I deplore you. Fix yourself fast and repair the state of your head,

I left because your breath is poisoned. It's venom is heavy like lead. So keep your poisoned breath from me. Because I'd much rather not be dead.

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