Poem from a heart to a heart
Poem from a heart to a heart poems stories

fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A poem calling from my heart to hers. To remind her that I'm here as long as she needs.

Poem from a heart to a heart

Dripping notes of song ring softly then cease,

A new song rings out and renews on my heart it's lease.

The soft notes of her voice echo softly in my mind,

They shackle themselves within me with silken binds,

I sing to her softly, seranades roll from within,

My trust in her is deep, no longer so thin,

I sang to her love songs, and rapped some of them too,

I told her that there is almost nothing that I wouldn't do.

I sang to her softly and read poems all night long,

I followed my heart and once more I felt strong,

Or was it? To love a damaged woman,

To hope not to do wrong,

Her trust in me was placed,

It just was not very strong,

She feared opening her heart once more,

Should she once more have a losing score,

That boy asked for more, more than he should have,

Defiled her innocence, her self esteem was halved,

He is gone now, trapped in the past,

The only fear I have is that her trust will not last,

But so far my doubts have been put to rest,

And so now I still try my best,

to build her back up, help her be better than before,

Because despite inner desires, I would never ask for more,

Because In my heart I love her,

Right to her core.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,

I say there is no greater sadness than one whose heart has been torn.

Someone tore her down once, but I'll help her build back,

I'll help her to secure her happiness, something she will not lack.

She may not say those three words but I'll cut her the slack,

Because it to me does not matter if she loves me back.

A heart rent asunder is the most dire wound,

Like a wailing Stradivarius that was never tuned,

She's beautiful soul,

She's beautiful sound,

If love is an ocean I have ran aground,

But I'm here to say,

I'm here to heal.

And now I'm just waiting to see what she'll feel.

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