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Because lately I've been hearing about shootings. Schools, clubs, crowds, streets... It's the same. It needs to change.

New years revolution

Ringing singing cellphone, throw around words all alone.

Human sitting quietly, waiting for a reponse.

People laugh and banter back and forth, just not in person.

People talk in person, call others fake and not who they are.

Women sit and preen themselves, knowing only perfection gets attention.

Men lift and train, for only muscles are attractive.

Children sit in schools, learning information they don't care about.

Teens sit in school, spreading cancerous words like a cloud.

Adults hush their children, and expect perfection from many of them.

The rebellion grows, children hating teachers, teens becoming depressed while their cries are supressed.

People discuss people, abandoning higher thought to form insults and barbs.

Supressed people become older, attachments to others loose unless through a screen.

Students sit in school. Not realizing what's coming.

Nobody does. Nobody understands. Because nobody understood him.

So he waltzes into the school, rifle drawn. He takes a deep breath.

And opens fire.

The school lights up with the muzzle flash, the pounding of rounds downrange drown out the screams.

Nobody sees the tears he may have shed. Nobody looks. Everyone runs.

Perhaps they see the smile. Because he's being noticed now. Because he's hurting the world that hurt him.

The screams die down, the gunfire ceases.

The sound of the gat echoes one last time, the life of the shooter now speckles the walls around him.

The bodies are bagged, autopsies are done, the wounded are saved.

The hurt clamor for justice, claim it was too easy for him to get a gun.

And politicians use the dead to fuel their campaign. Throwing corpses onto the fire, promising change.

But after a few months.

Nothing changes.

The news dies down. The bodies are buried. The wounded have sought justice and been denied.

The bloodshed is remembered. But repeated all the same.

And still the question is asked, why it happened.

"How did that maniac get a gun?"

Everyone lobbies to make sure the guns are locked away to prevent another incident.

The question few ask is overlooked, the question of what made him do it. The question of why.

Those who hear the question just answer, "he was crazy." And leave it at that.

More time passes.

Another tragedy occurs.

The cycle repeats. No understanding. Just anger and outrage.

And yet we blame the gun access. We don't stop to think.

Guns can't pull their own trigger. But the person behind it can.

So perhaps we should ask what made him pull the trigger. Instead of blame the weapon itself

We need to start out with this new years revolution. We need to understand.

We need to see each other, and see their points of view. If we get closer as a people, perhaps we can prevent that view being skewed.

This was my resolution, to start this revolution, and lobby not to illegalize guns...

But to illegalize the distance between us as a people.

To disavow the broken cycle of pain and anger. To understand each other.

Because if we lose the bond between people... What comes next?

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