Never Will She
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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Just a heartfelt inner monologue.

Never Will She

Never will she look my way,

To her I'm just a boy.

Never any more than that.

I'm lonely,

I'm hurting,

Though she'd never understand,

I feel so empty sometimes,

Yet full of love I'll never give,

Because those I fall for never see me,

I'm a young man who loves romance,

I read such novels with glee,

I love wholeheartedly,

But in my own company.

I love from afar,

Because I'm too much of a coward to say,

Insecurity is a pain, but I'm happy this way.

It may be a bit of a lie,

But at least you can't get hurt,

And then when it's onesided,

You won't cry should the feelings end,

I'm here and watching quietly,

I love you from where I stand,

I wish I'd let you love me back,

So I could be happy more,

But I'll never let you close,

Because you drown in my oceans before you'd wash ashore,

But yet I stand here loving,

You're a girl that I can't have,

But part of me is still hoping,

That you'll love me,

And I won't be alone.

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