My dreams and Me
My dreams and Me poetry stories
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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Futile dreams are all I have.

My dreams and Me

I softly caress her hand, a smile bruising my face in this moment I know will end.

I hug her softly and whisper the words I've said a million times before: "You're my best friend."

The book snaps closed and I wake with a start, my bleary eyes searching for her in a moment of panic.

Oh, right. She's only a dream. "Oh my dear, where have you gone?" I mumble to myself as I succumb back to sleep, hoping to see her again, like some kind of fanatic.

A new dream starts as my heavily lidded eyes close again, and I'm now alone.

She's abandoned me even in my dreams, and I can only do this with this craft I hone.

Hang onto your dreams and hope they don't disappear, For fear that they will never become reality will quickly set in.

I will immortalize those I love in poetry, but I know my dreams will never end in my happiness because a man like me cannot win.

I'm an ugly person both inside and out, my rough edges abrasive and sharp.

I can say melodious words and spin lovely poems like the music from a harp,

But there is no happy ending because there is no way I am destined to be happy in the end.

Faux loves and pointless flings are all I can look forward to as time passes, as no sane being would want a monster like me as a friend.

The thorns of my heart are too sharp and the vines surrounding my love too thick. The run down home inside of me is all that you may find,

Let it be known the door is locked. I am inside, I am home, but I won't let anyone in. After all, I'm in quite the bind.

The place is a mess as I haven't had vistors for awhile, and as much as I might like to let someone in, it's a two way lock and I've misplaced the key.

So I sit with my dreams and hope that eventually I will find the key and open the door to see,

But by then any prospective guests will have left, and alone is all I'll be.

So now I sit and wait for someone with time and patience to possibly come look for me,

To pick the lock of this home, and come inside to be with me, but I doubt that will happen so I will sit and wait to see,

So for now I sit and wait around, just my dreams and me.

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