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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A story/poem/talk on mortality


This is less a story or poem, and more of a talk.

I dream of a future where I'm happy... Free.

Yesterday I learned that the future might not be.

I nearly died five minutes, away from my home.

I feared for my life, till my dog ran away towards home.

I gave chase very quickly, concussion or not,

And realized that the dog would not be caught.

I still have not seen him yet since yesterday,

But I realized now that it's worth it to say,

That although we are different,

We all have our dreams, just try not to get lost,

Or they'll fall apart at the seams,

Remember your lifespan is only years long,

We all are just mortal, we don't have too long.

My mortality checks me, it's the one thing I fear,

That's why you should only plan ahead days.

You could have the bad luck to die in a year.

But don't think I'm saying to live your life in fear,

I'm saying to not live life like it's something you own.

Because although we were given life,

It was permitted by fate,

And all of us die at a later date,

So don't plan far ahead,

You might be gone soon,

And then you'll remember,

That I gave this warning and boon.

So live your life freely,

But love while you can,

Because we can all disappear quickly,

Like prints in the sand.

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