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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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For Mon Cheri, the girl whom I have now after years.

Mon Cheri

I've watched you from afar for many a year,

I've felt sad when you cried, even I shed a tear,

I trusted you more than my lovers I've had,

But you've never abandoned me and that made me quite glad.

I extended a hand when I felt the time was right,

And when You reached back I felt feather light.

I took your hand and said we'd go slow.

But only as slow as you wanted to go.

I ask you for nothing that you cannot give,

And to me a life without you in it, I could not live.

You're all I could want, youre accepting and more.

I'm glad I'm with you, I'll never be a bore.

I surrender my heart and show you this skin,

I ask you not to cut it as I can't stitch myself together again.

So love me as I am, and we can together grow,

I cannot wait for the future, so we can see where these winds blow.

So, I love you Mon Cheri, I'm yours to the end.

Because who better to fall for than one of your closest friends?

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