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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A poem of wondering, longing, and love

Lovesick scraps

I'm falling again and again,

for a girl that isn't even present,

but I like the little things.

like the sensation of my hand being squeezed when I'm curled up crying and alone,

or the way my heart aches for her,

Is this a dream?

Just a hole in my sanity's seams?

Perhaps the future is more colorful than gray.

Perhaps I will understand one day.

Why a picture in my mind can bring me so much joy.

But reduce the man I try to be back to a lonely young boy.

A scrap of love, life seems more vibrant with more hue.

But is it also throwing my view of life askew?

Chasing dreams like a dog after a ball,

Still wondering whether I'll trip and fall.

Could my dreams all be only a ruse?

I know I'm destined for more than just to lose.

Can you let me know, mighty gods that may lurk above,

What the truth is behind this love?

I don't yet know, but I would like to.

Because if this is an empty endeavor...

I think I'm done with being a lovesick scrap.

I mean, what's the point if it's just a trap?

I'll try and try with all my might,

But there doesn't seem to be an end or win in sight.

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