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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A thing on love.


I'll ask once.

What is it to you?

I've debated my answer the past few months,

And now I can say this true.

Love is more to me than attraction at face value,

It's the simple things,

The things you could say, should you,

It's the things we will write in songs for others to sing,

It's the connection we feel with another,

When words are just not enough,

It's when you want more than friendship,

When the attachment goes deeper than thoughts,

When the words you think dig deep in,

With all of the things you want to say,

The words that come can be soulful,

Romantic and so very free,

But hurt not the person you love then,

Because you will otherwise quickly see,

That rock bottom can exist after falling,

If you push what you want them to be.

Love is a word like acceptance,

Let them be what they want to be,

Find support within each other,

Let the whole world see,

that love goes much deeper than skin deep,

Your heart is too shallow too,

Dig deep and find it in your soul,

To see what your love could be.

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