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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A poem on loss, like the title states.


Have you ever felt abandoned?

Felt alone in your room?

How far has loss permeated?

Do your surroundings loom?

If you understand the sad,

Do you get the minds of the mad,

How is it young one,

The feeling of being done,

Have you felt that lost,

Being numb and crossed,

You understand the pain,

Memories pound through you like the rain,

But the melancholy haze,

has held hostage your days,

You don't feel empty,

But you still don't feel plenty,

The loss of one,

The harsh loss of fun,

You sit in the dark,

And still the darkness barks,

The dogs of your self hate close in,

And their chains holding them are thin,

but do not drown in misery alone,

For a friend can be your home,

As pain creeps in you lost not, Because you had friendship's knot,

you're not alone,

In a shadowed home,

because you have your friends. So do not push so readily away, because even if you do not feel this way,

The time will come, there will be a day.

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