Late Night Thoughts
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Just random blurbs of thoughts.

Late Night Thoughts

Light wanes, yet I sit and ponder, What awaits me off in the days yonder?

I hope for days with the girl I love, so I sit and mark the days hoping for a sign from above.

Classes plague me like sweets are plagued by bees. A diploma seems so far away due to graduation fees.

Summer months. A freedom to some, a prison to me. Work every moment you can to raise funds for your home.

Friends and acquaintances abandon me in the months to come, some by choice, others have none.

But as a young man, loneliness easily encapsulates what I am.

As a human without a companion in my life, the bitter taste of being alone brings naught but strife.

And this undue strife is like a hot and sharp Knife.

Burns as it enters, rips as it leaves, no matter how much of my soul that it reaves.

Thinking about it, in an abstract way. Why did they write the pursuit of happiness on the declaration that day?

Did they understand that it is naught more than a simple pursuit? That life is like a dungeon where you fight to the end and find no loot?

But I suppose the destination is meaningles, if the journey was quite fun. But that's at which point some would be done.

But I suppose that's enough for tonight to ponder about years yonder.

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