Late Night Smoke
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A late night smoke for one who cannot sleep

Late Night Smoke

He goes out for a smoke, the scent lingering momentarily in the late night air.

He coughs, and chokes back a sob, as he looks up into the sky.

The stars shine, reminding him, we are but specks in a vast universe.

The emotions hit him as he finally allows himself to feel. 3 A.M. time for emotions.

The witching hour has come and gone, and everyone has succumbed to sleep.

"It's okay." He mumbles to himself, knowing what he wants is beyond his grasp.

And he once again glances up. "The lights are too bright... The stars are are drowned out." He says to nobody in particular.

"Could it have been different?" He once again mumbles to himself.

He glances down, looking for a phone as he ashes his cigar, momentarily forgetting he has left it inside.

"Shit, I forgot it in the house." He whispers to the air. He glances at the window to his home.

It's a small, simple, two bedroom apartment. He glances down at his cigar. "Almost time to go back inside." He onces again whispers to the wind, as if It's actually listening.

His arm twitches, the sudden urge to hug someone takes hold of him.

"I'll see if she's available tomorrow. I don't know if she works." He mumbles to himself, making plans he'll probably never carry out.

He finishes his cigar, and turns to reenter to his abode. "Ugh. Why," he mumbles, "does life have to be such a pain sometimes?" He flicks away the the stub of the cigar and opens the door.

He shuffles slowly through the hall, and enters his apartment. He sits on the futon, and lays down.

He feels the buried emotions truly creeping to the surface, and quickly lets himself succumb to the embrace of sleep, before he succumbs to the wave of incoming emotion.

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