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Ah. A late night ramble about pain and heartbreak.

Late Night Ramble

Strangely, it's 1:40 am. Once again sleep is nowhere to be found. But tonight I sit and wonder, how often dreams do lie.

When love is on the brain, said organ will fabricate a scenario that includes said lover. But only when you sleep.

Because you aren't sad enough, so you need to spend the night in the company of the one you love before you realize you're alone.

Wake up in a cold bed feeling happy, realize you're alone, feel crappy.

Why is it the ones you love are so far from your grasp? When you have a crush, it's almost always on someone you can't have.

Why is it love was made to be so painful? It could make you feel great, whole, and full of love. But it can also tear, rip, and shred a heart.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but too much can break it entirely. What also hurts is silence. When you aren't physically dealt the pain. It just eats away at you like an acidic plague.

When you're running through scenarios wondering where you went wrong. And often? You never did. It just wasn't mutual and a bit of distance caused the silence.

But alas, we are such fickle beings and will easily overlook our own transgressions, so when you thought you were safe, your heart gets broken again. So now we have people. The ones like me.

With guarded hearts with barbed wire fences. Trespassers will be shot down by our defenses. Because we're tired of pain, so we inflict it to keep others out.

And often we cause a pain inside and out. Because we keep others out to avoid their blades they honed, but being locked up make you feel so alone.

A muttering coherence keeps this together, as you can see, as I try to point out that pain is unshakable. And heartbreak is always coming.

Because remember, "just when you think that true love has begun, it goes up at and second just like a loaded gun."

Thank you for listening to my late night ramble.

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