Late Night Confessions #3
Late Night Confessions #3 fear stories

fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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Just a late night ramble.

Late Night Confessions #3




Three words to describe how I feel.

Empty emotions, clouded thoughts,

Lonesome home,

Happy endings are so common in the stories I read, yet I'll most likely never have one.

Stories end however they please, and mine most likely will end just as it started. Freak accident.

I've believed in fate and destiny for so many years, but where does this path take me? Where is my path?

I've lost sight of where I was going, and now the future is an uncertain fear.

I've lived with myself for quite a few years. I despise it.

The person I am is not who I want to be.

I dream of a better ending. An end where I'm a successful person, and a successful father.

My thoughts are so scrambled, it looks like eggs.

Porcelain dolls are pretty but fragile, and I'm only half that. I fall apart so easily, The chinks in my previously untouchable armor have been pointed out.

The cracks and fractures are visible.

I hope I find my path before I fall to pieces.

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