Late Night Confessions #2
Late Night Confessions #2 pain stories

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Late night talk part 2.

Late Night Confessions #2

I'll admit it.

I'm falling in love.

There isn't much to say.

She's a stellar gal,

I'm a pretty nice guy.

But... Does she deserve me?

Doesn't she deserve better?

Am I what a girl would want?

No. There's no way.

But why do I still try?

It's not confidence.

I gave that up long ago.

So what keeps me going?

Why do I try?

She thinks she's not good enough?

She's the fool.

A beauty with intelligence is such a find,

And a girl I should not have.

I hope for love from her,

But I also hope for none.

Because as long as she stays away,

She'll be safe from pain from me.

I'm a good guy at heart,

But I swear I'll cause her pain,

I'm a bent and partially shattered soul,

A waved hand can make me flinch.

A crowd can freak me out.

But it's all things that could be overlooked. Should she still care for me,

Maybe "we" could be.

But I think it's not meant to be.

A girl like her isn't meant for me.

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