Late Night Confessions # 4
Late Night Confessions # 4 love stories

fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A late night talk, perhaps to my best friend? Or to the world about my best friend.

Late Night Confessions # 4

I oft find myself at night lying on my back, looking at the ceiling as if it were gone and there were stars in its place.

I oft find myself at night with thoughts on my mind of one particular person.

My best friend, my closest advisor, the one who has heard me sing, the one who has talkes to me while I cried. The one who saw all of me, and chose not to go away.

I can say without a doubt she is amazing, and I love her, as she's someone I adore. She's turned me down many a time, I must shamefully say,

But she knows all of me, and that is something only she can even attempt to say. I'm connected to her in a way that makes me happy to have her around, because no matter how shaky things may get she helps restore the solid ground.

I'm glad she lets me love her, for she's someone who deserves the best, but I know it's better it's not mutual because I'd probably cause her stress,

I often sit and wonder though, what things would be like, if she said I love you, but I think that in the end, It'd be something not to do.

Because what's the point to say that, in a pair like me and her? Things are so much easier when there is no heartbreak or hurt,

Just friendship built on a connection at the heart, and I hope that nothing would tear it apart.

I suppose my friend, that in the end, if you loved me too, that it was meant to be, if not, I'll hope you find your love in the end, as no matter what, I'd be supporting you till the end.

Sincerely, Your sleep deprived, semi conscious friend.

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