I'm different outside than in.
I'm different outside than in. age stories

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Another fact today, I wonder what you'll say.

I'm different outside than in.

By Tyler

Part of the #onefact game.

This will change most people's view of me entirely. Hopefully it doesn't make people treat me differently.

Most people would age me as a little older than I am, and truth is, I do seem much older than i actually am. I wear formal clothing, I wear fedoras, suits, I don't understand social media... I swear I'm not and old guy... because in reality...

I'm sixteen. Going on seventeen, and I feel it every day. I feel like I'm in my twenties, most people my age seem like children to me. I only really find common ground with those older than me. I wonder why this is.

Emotional maturity? Mental age? Perhaps. I chalk it up to I have an old soul. Let's see where fate takes me.

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