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fallenshadow17| Poet in heart, puppet in life.
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#icebreaker challenge. I threw my lot in. Thanks to @duskthoughts for kickstarting this operation.


I saw this get started by @duskthoughts and figured I'd throw a wrench into the mix. Or something along those l

So here we go! Most of you know me as Ty or Fallenshadow, so I'll ask a name related question .

Numba 1: my psudonym is a reflection of my first name, but lets see if you can guess this one. What's my middle name? 1) James 2)Laiden 3) Thorn

Question 2: I have a scar hidden in the lines of my face, how did I get it? 1) I got hit in the face with a car jack 2)I fell on ice and ripped my face open on nearby metal 3) I fell off my bike and landed on my face, cutting it open

Question 3: When not writing poetry or gaming, what's my Hobby? (besides being lame.) 1) Watch the Horizon from my roof 2) wrestle with my dog, Barkley 3) watch the stars from my backyard

I'll post answers later, but good luck guessing.

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