I Miss You
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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I miss you, my friend.

I Miss You

I miss my best friend. Our late night calls where we would stay up all night.

I miss my closest friend, who would allow herself to grace my sight.

The one who I used to sing to, when I laid in bed all alone.

My constant source of stability, in a world gone insane.

The one that always assured me of my sanity, when I felt like it was spiltting at the seams.

The one who I wanted more than anything, the one who I loved most.

So much affection poured out of me, that lost all ability to boast.

For there was no boasting about affection, when it's your vulnerabilities that you show.

There isn't much left that pains me this way, and I never would want to force you to stay.

But I will say that on this day, I have missed you more than I could ever say.

So my friend wherever you may be... I hope you're okay.

Because I worry about you, my closest friend.

Sincerely yours, Your loving friend.

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