I Love You
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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You're family now,

Sincerely, your faithful friend.

I Love You

Hello again, my friend. Don't worry, this isn't a romantic writing. This is simply a statement of my own discovery.

And that is that I truly do love you. But I won't ever have you that way. And that's fine.

Because as much as I might want to, it's not love that makes me want you in my life as mine. It's possession.

Possession desires for you to belong to me. But you belong to nobody. You belong only to yourself.

For a long while I was upset and angry that any other man could win your affection, the thought of you with someone else brought a scowl to my face.

But now I think of your feelings, and your happiness brings my own happiness to me. I've realized that there is no love in having something or someone, there is only love in setting them free.

Your happiness is my happiness as that is all I desire for you. I desire to be there to see you flourish and find your path, to see a smile light up your face.

So I'll sit on the sidelines, cheering you on, you'll be like family in my eyes.

And my love for you will last forever, as such a feeling never dies.

So find your happiness, my friend, I'll be with you until the end, in darkness and in shine, I will faithfully support you, here on the the side.

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