Her Words
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I don't know. I let words flow. I believe I'm writing this to someone, but maybe she won't understand that I'm talking to her.

Her Words

The words she says allure me,

Yet I feel like she's hiding.

I feel in ways I've felt before,

But I also feel so much more,

Blue oceans set in flecked white stone,

The statue's beauty she holds,

But yet her beauty allures me not,

Because that beauty doesn't know what she's got,

I prefer her words,

An intelligent snare,

The vocabulary ropes binding me,

But I'm happy here,

Because No matter how it may sound,

I'm still surrounded by her words,

Her presence blankets me.

I love the feeling,

But I'll lock that love away.

Friendship is less painful,

'Specially if they run away,

But if she figures it out,

The other girl will be void,

Because as much as one can like,

They can also step away,

Perhaps she'll open up,

Give me what I crave,

Her words that make me shake,

And make my emotions snake within me,

Cracking my facade,

And clearing my clouded view,

Because without isn't as good as with,

And with three words she can shatter a fool,

But rebuild him as well,

For her words are tools.

Sarcasm alone can push people out,

But it's simply words,

We'll go another bout.

Sarcasm duels for who rules this,

I'd prefer it be you because my words will miss.

My dear I'm in deep,

But perhaps not too far,

Because romance is best done tenderly,

But you don't have to look far,

Because you simply need to answer,

Who you really are,

And should you still think yourself not worthy of him,

You're a rather silly girl,

Just simply look within.

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