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fallenshadow 17| Poet in heart, puppet in life.
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A poem that doesn't belong to me, but I vibe with it so much, I had to share it with you guys.

Forgotten in a day

This poem does not belong to me, but I love it because it describes me so much when put into social situations where I have many people talking to me. But now, I bid you no more adieu, Forgotten in a day, by Erin Hanson.

I drift in and out of people's lives,

Like a feather in the breeze,

You never really know I'm there,

Until I start to leave,

I don't make my connections deep,

Because I'm scared of what I'll lose,

I don't try to compete with anyone else,

And I'l never make you choose,

I prefer to stick to the sidelines,

Because the spotlight hurts my eyes,

I hide behind a constant smile,

So you won't know it's a disguise,

People tend to forget I'm there,

When I'm in a crowded room,

I can disappear for days on end,

And I'm bound to do it soon,

Don't worry if you notice I'm gone,

I never meant to stay,

But I know that you won't miss me long,

I'l be forgotten in a day.

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