Fade to Grey
Fade to Grey fear stories

fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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I believe someone wanted to see what I write with a clear head. Here you are.

Fade to Grey

From the fade of the spirits,

I come with a simple message, We permit your passage,

and as you cross,

we welcome the Ideas you give away,

because we spirits are liars,

truly businessmen of the otherworld,

and we profit off those who have into this twisted plane been hurled.

If you defy us and deny us and keep your ideas withheld,

these businessmen of death will make yours a living hell,

in this astral plane,

your strength begins to wane, and you slowly will succumb,

Until you are naught but a sack of flesh so numb,

Worry not, mortal man, you need not run in fear,

We know it must be scary due to  those shadows leer,

But we watch you Omnisciently,

We know you,

we know your due,

And you will submit to your debt,

And suffer here in silence because you earn what you get,

The foolish suffer here in traps they fell into unawares,

And the wise here shy away from us because none of them dares,

Dares like the dauntless, courageous fools who aim to impress,

Unlike the cowards here who on wheels are sat to power our every day,

And cowards who collapse are eaten to keep them out the way,

Every day here is pain,

And these words upon you we do rain,

So take these words here and heed them well,

You know that the world is painful,

but the fade is living hell,

So come not near it, for it will make you senses dull,

You forever will be racing against that spiteful tardy bell,

So come not to the fade be you foolish, wise, or brave,

If you do, you will suffer for ignoring the warnings we gave, and you shall for the rest of eternity unlive with pain,

your vision will lighten from colored,

To monochrome,

And we will watch as it all fades to grey.

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